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Methods of Payment:
Paypal Paymnet (Canadian)

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Paypal Payment (American)

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Online Banking :

Electronic Money Transfers are a secure and easy way of making a payment for an online purchase. It is just like paying a bill online. Currently we only accept bill payment through the following banks: Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, and National Bank of Canada.
At no time will you be required to provide any banking information on our website. All payments are made through your financial institution's website. Your serial number is your Account Number (7-digits) when setting up Sialk / Partash  as a Payee.
The following steps will assist you in registering for online banking with your bank, setting up Partash Solutions Inc.  as a payee, and making your payment.

Step 1: Register/Sign-in
If you are new to online banking, please follow the links below to register with your bank. Once registered, or if you are already registered, sign-in to your online banking account.

Step 2: Setting up Partash Solutions Inc. as a "Payee"
Once you are logged into your online banking account, proceed to the payments section. Select the option to add a payee to your payee list. From here, you can add Partash Solutions as a payee. To do this, in the company name box, enter "Partash" and press the search button. Select Partash Solutions Inc. from the list.
When you are prompted for a account number, enter your serial/account number  (7-digits) which was provided to you in the invoice sent to you or by the agent  you registered an account with .  You Can Also customer service to ask about your account number . Make sure you have selected the correct payee and that it requires a 7-digit number.
You are now finished with setting up online direct payment with and are ready to make your payment.. Please remember that you only need to do this step once just to add Partash to your list.

Step 3: Making Your Payment
Once you are signed in, or after adding Partash Solutions Inc. as a payee, proceed to the payments section. Select Partash Solutions Inc. from your payee list, and make the direct payment for the amount you charged + 13% for “tax”. For example if you have Charged your account for $50 your payment will be $56.50


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