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Sialk Direct Line:

By subscribing to this service, you will get a virtual Tehran local number. Any calls made to this number from Iran, will be routed to your phone number anywhere in the world.
For your callers, all calls made to this Phone number will be priced as a local Iran call.
No Activation Fee
Only $20 per month

In summary, you get a local Tehran number, you give it to your friends and relatives and you start receiving calls, no matter where you are in USA & Canada.

Prepaid Minutes:

You are not required to sign any contracts or agreements or change your phone company.
The minutes you purchase will never expire and there is absolutely no hidden fee like monthly fee, maintenance fee or connection fee. Just benefit from our real, low and affordable rates.
Your account will be available for use immediately after you activate the service by registering your phone numbers with us and purchasing minutes in whatever dollar amount that you wish.
You are not required to use your PIN when placing a call from a registered phone number. If you are making a call from a non-registered number, you will be required to enter your PIN which will be given to you at the time of activation.


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