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Sialk Prepaid Calling Agreement—Subject to Change at Any Time In the Sole Discretion of Service Provider

  • Rates may vary and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Toll free restrictions: Sialk US Toll Free Numbers are available from US Continental only (48 Contiguous State). They cannot be accessed from Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico;
  • Sialk has multiple access numbers available. Please refer to our websites to verify a complete list before buying the service.
  • Calls made in the US using the Toll Free Access Number will incur an additional charge. Please refer to our websites for charges related to Toll Free Access Number calls made from outside the US.
  • By using the Local Access Numbers the user accepts the charges for the local call he made to our number imposed by his telephone provider company.
  • All the rates on the website are calculated on the Highest Denomination of the Calling Plans
  • Calls are billed in increments of one minute, with fractions thereof rounded up to one minute.
  • All sales are final. Pin numbers, once credited are non refundable, non transferable and non exchangeable. Pin numbers have no cash value.
  • Pinless is not a default feature and once the customer chooses to set his phone number for Pinless dialing he is responsible for all the calls placed from that number; if the customer shares his phone with someone else we strongly recommend not to use this feature.
  • Customer can activate Automatic Recharge for his account; once this feature is activated the customer agrees to the charges that will apply on the credit/debit card when his balance drops below 5; the customer will select the amount he wants to be added on his account when activating Automatic Recharge; Automatic Recharges are considered customer activities.
  • Call details provided by the customer service of the carrier regarding the usage of a prepaid phone are final and will be considered authentic record/proof about the usage of the plan.
  • Call history from the customer's account is available for the last 180 days.


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